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Community Management

RAMS Community Management

RAMS Community Management is dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of its residents through the provision of exceptional service delivered by a proficient team across all domains. Leveraging expertise in technical, financial, vital, and operational realms, it tailors solutions to each project, furthering its efforts to elevate the standard of living for every resident.

Financıal Management

Transparency and precision characterize RAMS Community Management's approach to financial processes, ensuring customers receive comprehensive and intelligible reports throughout the investment journey. Offering a range of payment options and flexible plans, it simplifies budget management for customers, fostering financial ease. Clients receive informed guidance from RAMS Community Management, which devises financially feasible solutions tailored to individual residents.

Technical Management

Rigorous adherence to health and safety standards is paramount, with RAMS Community Management diligently executing all necessary inspections and regulations across its projects. Ensuring resident safety and comfort, the management undertakes improvement initiatives, offering technical, mechanical, and innovative solutions as needed. A focal point is placed on health and safety concerns to foster sustainable living environments, with effective management strategies in place.

Operatıons Management

RAMS Community Management implements streamlined and efficient operational protocols tailored to each project's needs.Meticulous attention is given to maintaining organized and secure living spaces, with dedicated efforts in cleaning, maintenance, and security measures. Striving for continuous improvement, RAMS Community Management endeavors to elevate resident satisfaction by refining community management and service standards.

Lifestyle Management

Residents are provided with essential amenities, facilitating tranquil and secure lifestyles. By recognizing and addressing the distinct needs and preferences of each resident, personalized services are delivered. Fostering community cohesion, RAMS Community Management cultivates social interaction through diverse programs encompassing social events, sports activities, and children's programs.


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March 18, 2024

RAMS Beyond Istanbul Wins "Best Mixed-Use Development" Award in Europe

RAMS Beyond Istanbul was deemed worthy of Europe's "Best Mixed Use Development" award at the International Property Awards, the world's most respected and qualified award in the real estate industry.

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February 2, 2024

Famous Kazakh singer Dimash Kudaibergen will be in Istanbul on May 24, 2024 with RAMS GLOBAL as the main sponsor!

Kazakh artist Dimash Qudaibergen, who is considered one of the greatest voices in the world, will give a giant concert to 40 thousand people at Beşiktaş Stadium on May 24, under the main sponsorship of RAMS Global. Dimash met with the press in Istanbul Feriye before the huge concert.

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September 4, 2023


Our club has entered into a new partnership with Rams Global, a leading company in 8 different sectors, including construction. Rams Global has become the stadium naming sponsor for Ali Sami Yen Sports Complex under the name Rams Park.

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September 20, 2023

Double sponsorship for Fenerbahçe: Rams Global and Gain Medya

Fenerbahçe Men’s and Women’s Basketball Teams are sponsored by Rams Global and its subsidiary Gain Medya.

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